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Calculations for our translations are based on a transparent principle. Charges for a translation are calculated by means of the number of lines in a text. One line comprises 55 characters incl. blanks. The target text is the basis for the calculation. Should the calculation per number of lines be impossible, billing on the clock is applied. Thus the budget needed can already be estimated in advance.

Basic prices      
German < > French CHF 2.40
German < > Italian CHF 3.00
German < > English CHF 3.00
Minimum rate     CHF 50.--
Hourly rate     CHF 120.--
Text processing, conversion      
from *.pdf to *.doc     CHF 50.-/hr


You would like to get a translation from or into a different language not listed here? Thanks to our large network of experts we can offer translations into further languages. The relevant prices will be communicated upon request.

Depending on urgency an express surcharge of 50 to 100 % may become necessary. Of course, that will be communicated in our first non-binding quotation. Our General Terms and Conditions are an integral part of every order placed with us.

Some examples of jobs and their prices:

Business letter GE->F

1121 characters

CHF  50.--

Operating instructions concerning a radiator GE->I

15583 characters

CHF  850.--

Report / minutes GE->F

11770  characters

CHF  513.--

Newsletter GE->F

19221 characters

CHF  838.--

Job ad GB-> F

1481 characters

CHF   81.--